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Mudfish and Bobcat Florida bike trails

This website is produced by "Mudfish" and "Bobcat," Florida residents and avid recreational hobbyists. It began with our "Top 10 Trails," but as multi-use bike trails become more popular, the website grows and grows.

  • We don't conduct tours. We don't sell or rent equipment. We do no charitable fundraising.
  • A small portion of expenses are offset by revenue from third-party ad placements. More below.
  • Email us (see below) with your questions, comments, or corrections.

We encourage people of all ages and incomes to check out Florida's network of safe, fun, multi-use trails. Here you will find information on trailhead parking, nearby bike rentals, and easy Google maps (no sign-ins required). We hope our sequential trail photos will prove useful for you

We provide free, no-obligation promotional listings to benefit (*1) registered non-profit trail advocates, (*2) Florida for-profit bike shops, rentals and tour operators, and (*3) relevant State and Local agencies. If you qualify (***no exceptions please***), send us your details: floridatrails@fastmail.com. We publish over free 200 listings, all advocating for safe, fun biking & hiking in Florida.

Photos on this website are the property of 100FloridaTrails.com. Others are welcome to use them, with the stipulation that you provide attribution and a link to www.100FloridaTrails.com or to the specific webpage on our site to which they were posted. Entities lacking proper attribution subject to licensing fee.

Quality Factors of the Best Bike Trails

Here are 10 factors found to varying degrees in the best bike trails, or in sections of a bike trail that we rate as the best sections to ride.

  1. A smooth trail surface
  2. Suitable trail length (for the rider)
  3. Off-street, with a safe buffer
  4. Relatively few road crossings
  5. Tranquility and fresh air (little nearby traffic)
  6. Some shelter from wind and sun
  7. Natural views; greenery, water, wildlife
  8. Convenient and safe parking
  9. Trail amenities (restrooms, water, etc.)
  10. Nearby points of interest

Third Party Ad Placements...

This site will always be a hobby. We sell nothing. We do not accept donations. The only revenue generated is from third party ad placements. Taxes are paid on all revenue. Expenses are not deductible. Ad revenue offsets a small portion of the expenses to produce this website. We don't use professional web designers. We spend zero on advertising. Nevertheless as safe biking advocates, we take pride in our strong viewership numbers. Thank you site visitors! Please come back often.

Our Total Privacy Policy...

Browse here with peace of mind, as our privacy policy is among the toughest anywhere. No log-ins, no memberships, we do not collect, sell, or rent information of any kind to anyone. As is common on the Internet today, our web hosting company automatically keeps track of visitors' browser versions, referral sites, and statistics on page visits. However, we do not elect any added service that collects any type of personal information, such as e-mail addresses.

No Spyware Here Guaranteed...

We are dedicated to making browsing here as private, easy, and secure as possible. Our privacy policy is 100%. Note: for the convenience of our visitors, we provide links to other, non-affiliated websites. When following these links, please see the privacy policy of those websites.


All information is thought to be accurate, but not warranted. The opinions expressed herein are solely those of the website authors. Be sure to use proper safety precautions when biking or hiking.

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