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Latest update: November 2020

East Central Regional Rail Trail... Florida

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At 50.5 miles, the East Central Regional Rail Trail ("ECRRT") represents the longest rail corridor purchase in the State of Florida. 47 miles are now complete. Traversing southern Volusia County and northern Brevard County, the rail-trail corridor ranges from 35 to 200 feet wide and totals 668 acres. State and private managed areas within a 6 to 7 mile radius of Maytown (a Florida ghost town) provide a natural experience. Miles of open, rural straightaways are sure to be popular with road bikers. Areas of the trail are extremely remote; bring sunscreen and extra water. Cooler months are best. The ECRRT serves as part of both the 250-mile Florida Coast-to-Coast Trail and 260-mile St. Johns River-to-Sea Loop. (Map link and photos below.)

East Central Regional Rail Trail

Map link - East Central Regional Rail-Trail

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Location: Volusia and Brevard Counties, Florida
End Points: Enterprise, Titusville, and Edgewater. (One gap remains between Osteen and Maytown, under construction)
Mileage: 50+ miles planned, 47 miles complete
Surface: Asphalt, 12'
Trailheads/Parking: Volusia County: Thornby Park, Green Springs Park (Enterprise); SR 415 bridge, Gobblers Lodge Road (Osteen); Maytown Spur Road (Maytown); SR 442 bridge, Rotary Park (Edgewater). Brevard County: I-95 underpass at Mims, Titusville Visitor Center. (See map)
Nearby Points of Interest: DeBary Hall, Gemini Springs Park, American Space Museum. Kennedy Space Center, Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge, Cape Canaveral National Seashore

Bike Shops / Rentals / Tours:

Coast to Coast Bicycle Company (Titusville)

Ten Speed Drive Bicycle Center (Titusville)

Deland Cyclery (Deland)

JC's Bike Shop (Deland)

Bubba’s Pampered Pedalers (Group Tours, Space Coast tour includes ECRRT)

East Central Regional Rail Trail... Comments and Photos

We describe the ECRRT in 3 sections, from west to east (*mileage is approximate):

  • From Enterprise through Osteen to Maytown (18 miles, one gap) (Visit Section 1)
  • From Maytown southeast past Mims to Titusville (17 miles) (Visit Section 2)
  • From Maytown east and north to Edgewater (15.5 miles) (Visit Section 3)

Trail Section 1... Western-most section, Green Springs Park to Maytown (18 Miles, One Gap)

This ECRRT section serves as part of both Florida Coast-to-Coast Trail and St. Johns River-to-Sea Loop.


Green Springs Park Trailhead

Green Springs Park serves as a trailhead and connector to the Spring-to-Spring Trail . One of a few green sulphur springs remaining, Green Springs was once popular as a health spa and is now a county park, with parking, water, picnic, playground. Enter the park from Enterprise-Osteen Road, then to access the ECRRT follow the path around the parking lot and past the restrooms (follow the sign pointing toward the Spring Overlook). The path meets the trail at the point where the Spring-to-Spring Trail ends, and ECRRT begins. (Latest visit: March 2020)

Green Spring Park east to SR 415 Bridge (Osteen) - 5.5 miles

From the Green Springs trailhead, the East Central Regional Rail Trail runs mostly away from roads, with shaded sections and boardwalks over wetlands. Benches are spaced regularly. There are some crossroads (some can be busy) and driveways (where traffic is light if any). Do be careful as at the crossroads cars have the right-of-way, while at the driveways trail riders are given the right-of-way. The area still retains a rural feel. Being close to the I-4 corridor, this is the most popular section of the ECRRT for families and recreational bikers.

Trail Bridge, Osteen to Guise Road - 2.7 Miles

There is trailhead parking and facilities (building by Community Center) under the east side of the bridge. After crossing over SR 415, the ECRRT runs mostly parallel to Maytown Road for 2.7 miles, where it abruptly ends at Guise Road. Here begins the only remaining gap in the Trail (3.5 miles), now under construction @ August 2020.

Note: another 5 mile bike trail begins at this same trailhead (SR 415 Trail / Beck Ranch Pathway ) and goes south parallel to SR 415, crossing the St. Johns River into Seminole County. This trail will eventually link to the Sanford Riverwalk as part of a future Lake Monroe Loop.

Filling the Gap (Guise Rd. to Gobblers Lodge) - 3.5 miles

Since our last trip a few months ago, construction has progressed. Where clearing but no construction was previously seen at Guise Road and Gobblers Lodge Trailhead, there now is constuction underway. Work continues in sections in between the two, through the woods from Guise Road to Val Road, then roadside along Maytown Road until moving back into the woods as the trail approaches Gobblers Lodge.(Updated: November 2020)

Gobblers Lodge Road to Maytown Intersection - 6.5 miles

After the gap, the ECRRT resumes at the trailhead off of Gobblers Lodge Road (parking, portalette). The trail quickly turns more to the south and runs 6.5 miles to the trail intersection at Maytown. This section is mostly tree lined and totally rural (within the Farmton Tree Farm). Bikers pass no public driveways and only one public road crossing (Lake Harney Rd.) before reaching Maytown. Just before Maytown Spur Road, the ECRRT branches - one branch (to the left) runs east and north to Edgewater as part of the St. Johns River-to-Sea Loop. The other branch (straight) leads to Titusville (Brevard County) as part of the Florida Coast-to-Coast Trail.

Maytown Spur Road Trailhead

From the split, continue straight for the Maytown Trailhead, (parking, portalette) about 0.4 mile after the intersection. Just past the trailhead, look to the right for Vergie's Pit Stop - an "honor system" stand offering beverages and snacks. Quaint and useful, this is the only "store" for many miles in all directions.



Trail Section 2... Maytown Intersection southeast to Titusville (17 Miles)

This ECRRT section serves as part of the Florida Coast-to-Coast Trail. Titusville is becoming a biking hub, situated along the Florida Coast-to-Coast Trail, St. Johns River-to-Sea Loop, and East Coast Greenway. It is a designated Florida Trail Town.


Maytown Intersection to I-95 Trailhead - 7 miles

This ECRRT section runs from Maytown, past the trailhead at I-95 in Mims, and continues to Titusville. Leaving the Maytown Trailhead (Volusia County) is a pleasant, partially shaded 1.5 mile section to the Brevard County line. From here the Trail becomes mostly a straight line, with open vistas but virtually no shade until .5 mile before the I-95 trailhead at Aurantia Road (parking only). This is a remote area, no road crossings. An equestrian trail parallels the bike path. No covered benches or other amenities yet; There are several roundabouts in the Brevard County section, not sure of future use - perhaps rest stops?

I-95 Trailhead to US Hwy 1 - 5.5 miles

Past I-95 the trails turns more to the south, partial shade possible depending on time of day. Homes can be seen through the trees. The trail passes Indian River Preserve Golf Club before emerging roadside along Folson Rd., Broadway Rd. and Railroad Rd. This section serves neighborhood homes and schools; be careful at cross streets. Just before crossing SR 46 is a trailhead provided by Mims United Methodist Church with parking, covered picnic pavilions, and porta-pottie - plus refreshments on the deck on Saturdays. The trail continues parallel with the road until merging with US Hwy 1 at the Mims/Titusville line at Parker Street.

US 1 to Draa Park Trailhead - 3.25 miles

The trail parallels US Hwy 1 with a wide buffer for about 3 miles, past businesses and homes. At Dairy Rd. cross US1 to Chain of Lakes Park, which serves as a trailhead with parking, restrooms, playing fields and a 3-mile mullti-use trail. Continuing on US1, the trail branches off at Malinda Lane and follows Norwood Avenue. Approaching the Garden Street / SR 406 Bridge, there's a new trailhead at Draa Road. Draa Park is a stormwater treatment project, it now provides parking and restroom, plus a 1/2 mile paved trail around the pond. At our visit (November 2020) there was not yet signage to this new park - turn right along Draa Street, and go to the 2nd driveway on the right.

Garden St. Bridge to Indian River Road - 1 mile

Across Draa Road is the approach to the Garden St. bridge. Across the bridge, the trail runs through an industrial corridor to Canaveral Ave. and then to Main Street. Along Main Street is a 12-foot, striped bike lane running through the downtown area and ending at Indian River Road. Located along both the Florida Coast-to-Coast Trail and East Coast Greenway, Titusville is serious about becoming a biking hub and is a recognized Florida Trail Town. Off Main St., access to shops and restaurants is being made easier.

Indian River Avenue to Max Brewer Bridge - .2 mile

The striped bike lane continues along Indian River Avenue, marking the route to Max Brewer Bridge Pkwy. The city also celebrates its space and astronaut heritage with several interesting exhibits and stops at Space View Park along Indian River Avenue. At the corner of Indian River Avenue and Max Brewer Bridge Pkwy., a new section under construction is routing the trail away from the road to the bridge. (Latest visit: July 2020)

Max Brewer Bridge to Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge - 1.5 mile

Cross Max Brewer Bridge on the shoulder (though we've seen some bikes on the separate pedestrian path) where a new half-mile section of trail has been built. This starts the future Space Coast Trail, which will extend the Coast-to-Coast Trail east to Canaveral National Seashore, and branch north to Oak Hill as part of the St. Johns River-to-Sea Loop.




Trail Section 3... Maytown Intersection east and north to Edgewater (15.5 Miles)

This section serves as part of the St. Johns River-to-Sea Loop.


Maytown Intersection to Cow Creek Road - 8.5 miles

From the split at Maytown, the trail to Edgewater runs to Maytown Road and shortly passes Maytown Spur Road (road route to the trailhead). With a 50' to 60' tree-lined buffer, this section has some shade as well as bridges over wetlands and Cow Creek. It's about 3.5 miles to the I-95 underpass. Past the underpass, a few homes and ranchettes appear along with an airfield for small planes. Slightly over 2 miles past I-95, Maytown Road turns to the right, while the trail continues straight. To the right (east) is the Turnbull Hammock Conservation Area. Just before reaching Cow Creek Road, the trail passes through an old sand mine operation.

Cow Creek Road to Trailhead and SR 442 Bridge - 3.5 miles

After emerging from the conservation area and passing a sand mine, the trail runs closely parallel to Cow Creek Road for about 1.5 miles. The trail then swings further away from the road and enters a pleasantly diverse, forested area. Although passing between I-95 and Cow Creek Road, there's a wide natural buffer, so it's typically a quiet ride, except for some I-95 traffic noise from the west, depending on the direction of the wind.

Cow Creek Road Trailhead and SR 442 Bridge

The trailhead is along Cow Creek Road, 0.4 mile south of the SR 442 bridge (parking, benches, and portalette).

SR 442 Bridge to Dale Street - 3.5 miles (ECRRT Ends)

The bridge spans SR 442, then the trail continues to Dale St. through a nicely shaded section. There are some road crossings, the busiest at Old Mission Road. (Take care here, perhaps the most difficult road crossing along the entire trail.) Otherwise, thanks to some tree canopy, this stretch is a pleasant ride and popular with locals. From Dale St., a path along W. Park Ave. leads to a trailhead at Rotary Park, or continue on a short connector trail to the north, ending at 10th Street and Daytona State College.

 Trail Connector - Dale Street to 10th St. (additional 1.2 miles)

The ECRRT ends at Dale St. in Edgewater. However, a short but surprisingly pleasant trail connector (part of the St. Johns River-to-Sea Loop and the multi-state East Coast Greenway) now extends north (left) to 10th St. and Daytona State College. After running about two blocks parallel to Dale Street, the trail enters a natural preserve with 3 boardwalks. Parking is at Rotary Park.

Rotary Park

From the point where the ECRRT ends at Dale St., go right (south) a half-block to N. Park Ave., then left along the sidewalk to the Rotary Park crosswalk (less than 1/4 mile from trail end). Rotary Park has parking, restrooms, playground, basketball court, picnic tables, and walking trail.


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