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West Florida Bike Trails... All First-hand Reports

Here are summaries and links to 36 trails in West Florida (3 in our Top 10 Trails), each with Google map and photos.

Aldermans Ford Conservation Park, Alafia River Alderman's Ford Park Trails - both paved and unpaved eco-biking at Alderman's Ford Conservation Park (Lithia, FL). The moss-draped, 2-mile paved trail through the woods was a pleasant find while checking out kayak launches on the Alafia River.

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Bayshore Linear Park Trail-Tampa Bayshore Linear Park Trail - Tampa - A scenic 4.5 mile trail following Bayshore Blvd. along Hillsborough Bay.

View trail, map, and 20 photos

Bayshore Trail, Clearwater Bayshore Trail - Clearwater - a 9/10 mile trail connecting Ream Wilson Clearwater Trail and Courtney Campbell Trail. Roadside with a wide median and no road or driveway crossings.

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Chassahowitzka WMA Chassahowitzka Wildlife Management Area - unpaved eco-biking destination. Located on Florida's Gulf Coast, 15 miles south of Crystal River. Avoid hunts and it's quiet and remote. Miles of biking on limestone roads and logging tram roads Two hiking trails, two cave diving sites.

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Coastal Anclote Trail Coastal Anclote Trail - 4.5 miles, connecting 3 parks, schools and neighborhoods in Pasco County. Ends at Pinellas County Line, eventual link to Pinellas Trail.

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Courtney Campbell Causeway Trail Courtney Campbell Trail - A Florida "must-do," this scenic ride runs 9.5 miles across the Courtney Campbell Causeway connecting Clearwater and Tampa, totally separate from the roadway.

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Crystal River Biking Crystal River Biking - Crosstown Trail, Kings Bay Riverwalk... a growing network of bike trails and paths linking parks, springs, and historic areas.

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Crystal River Archaeological State Park Crystal River Archaeological State Park - Paved eco-biking destination along the Crystal River. A short path winds through this archaeological site (a National Historic Landmark) featuring Pre-Columbian Native American mounds. River views, birdwatching, picnicking and fishing.

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Crystal River Preserve State Park Crystal River Preserve State Park - unpaved eco-biking destination. 27,000 acres along the Gulf Coast for about 20 miles from Yankeetown to Homosassa, and including the mouth of the Crystal River. 7-Mile Loop Trail is the eco-biking highlight. Hiking trails, paddling, picnicking, fishing, more.

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Druid Road Trail Druid Road Trail - An east-west Clearwater trail linking Pinellas Trail to Duke Energy Trail. It completes a link from Gulf (Clearwater Beach) to Bay (Tampa).

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Duke Energy Trail Duke Energy Trail - The trail is being developed as part of the Pinellas Trail Loop, mostly following the Duke Energy power line corridor. About 13 miles to date, 22.5 when done.

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Biking at Fort DeSoto Park Fort DeSoto Park - Fort DeSoto Park, a 1,000 acre Pinellas County park on 5 keys south of St. Petersburg at the mouth of Tampa Bay. The paved 7-mile multi-use trail runs from the boat ramp near the entrance, connecting campgrounds and the east and north beaches.

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Good Neighbor Trail Good Neighbor Trail - The trail runs 10 miles east from Brooksville along a former narrow gauge railway line. Part of the Florida Coast-to-Coast Trail, it links to the east with the Withlacoochee State Trail and to the west construction is underway to complete the link to the Suncoast Trail.

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Suncoast-Good Neighor Connector Good Neighbor Connector - A connector along the Florida Coast-to-Coast Trail, this 4.5 mile trail runs off-street next to SR 50 (Cortez Blvd.) from the Suncoast Trail near Spring Hill to Cobb Road in Brooksville. A future link to the Good Neighbor Trail.

View trail, map and 20+ photos

Legacy Trail Legacy Trail - a popular Florida Top 10 multi-use Trail. The Trail runs 18.5 miles from Venice to Sarasota along an old Seaboard Air Line Railroad corridor. It passes through Oscar Scherer State Park; in Venice, it connects near the Historic Venice Train Depot to Venetian Waterway Park.

View trail, map, and 105+ photos

Myakka River State Park Memorial Causeway Trail - 2.5 mile multi-use bike trail connecting the Pinellas Trail to Clearwater Beach, completing Clearwater's Bay-to-Beach connection from Clearwater Beach to Tampa.

View trail, map, and 30+ photos

Myakka River State Park Myakka River State Park - A Florida eco-biking and hiking destination. 7 miles of biking on the paved park road, plus unpaved options and hiking trails. A highlight is the Canopy Walk, a suspended walkway 25 feet above ground through the hammock to a 74-foot viewing tower.

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North Bay Trail North Bay Trail - We were wowed by the southernmost portion of this St. Petersburg trail. The best section runs from Demens Landing to Coffee Pot Park, about 3 miles with water views. Part of the Pinellas Trail Loop.

View trail, map, and 20+ photos

North Port Connector North Port Connector - provides a link between the Legacy Trail and the City of North Port. Runs variously as bike lanes, sidewalk, sharrow, or shared-use trail, or unpaved off-road.

View trail, map, and 35+ photos

Old Fort King Trail Old Fort King Trail - Multi-use trail (biking, walking/hiking, horseback riding). First 2.4 miles from Sargeant Park is paved, with a portion sharing the roadway with autos. The remainder is unpaved at Lower Hillsborough Wilderness Preserve and Hillsborough River State Park.

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Oldsmar Oldsmar Trail - Located along the northern end of Tampa Bay, the Oldsmar Trail connects 11 city parks with much variety from water to nature to sports. Best thought of as a trail network vs. point-to-point trail.

View trail, map, and 75+ photos

Pinellas Trail Pinellas Trail - a Top 10 Florida multi-use trail. An urban rail-trail from St. Petersburg to Tarpon Springs. The well-marked trail - popular with bikers, walkers, joggers, and skateboarders - links Pinellas County cities, parks, scenic coastal areas, and residential neighborhoods. Currently about 46 miles, it's part of the 75-mile Pinellas Trail Loop. Westernmost section of the Florida Coast-to-Coast Trail.

View trail, map, and 80+ photos

Pinellas Loop Trail Pinellas Trail Loop - This regional trail network will eventually total 75 miles. The loop incorporates the Fred Marquis Pinellas Trail (St. Petersburg to Tarpon Springs) on its western leg (46 miles), and on its eastern leg the Duke Energy Trail (13 miles, 22.5 miles when complete) and the North Bay Trail (6.5 miles).

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Ream Wilson Clearwater Trail Ream Wilson Clearwater Trail - This trail runs west to east in Pinellas County, about 4.75 miles from Coachman's Ridge Park (Clearwater) to Safety Harbor. It passes multiple parks and sporting facilities, and connects to the Duke Energy Trail (Pinellas Loop Trail).

View trail, map and 35+ photos

Safety Harbor Bike Trail, Bayshore Linear Greenway Safety Harbor Bike Trail - 2 mile trail along Upper Tampa Bay from Ream Wilson Clearwater Trail to Philippe Park. An easy ride linking parks, downtown restaurants, and residential areas.

View trail, map and 60+ photos

Skyway Trail Skyway Trail - Connecting the Pinellas Trail in St. Petersburg to the Sunshine Skyway. A nice community asset linking parks, schools, residential and business areas.

View trail, map and 50+ photos

Skyway Park Trail Skyway Park Trail - At the eastern end of Courtney Campbell Causeway, link to free parking at Skyway Park and Cypress Point Park.

View trail, map and 25+ photos

Starkey Blvd. Trail Starkey Blvd. Trail - The trail runs along Starkey Blvd. from Longleaf (New Port Richey, north of SR 54 - where it meets the Starkey Gap Trail), to Starkey Wilderness Park (4.5 miles). Part of the Florida Coast-to-Coast Trail.

View trail, map and 15+ photos

Starkey Gap Trail Starkey Gap Trail - The 2 mile trail connects the Tri-County Trail in Pinellas County to the Starkey Blvd. Trail in Pasco County. Part of the Florida Coast-to-Coast Trail.

View trail, map and 15+ photos

Starkey Wilderness Trail Starkey Wilderness Trail - This trail runs 7.5 miles through the Jay B. Starkey Wilderness Park and is part of the Florida Coast-to-Coast Trail with links to the Suncoast Trail and Pinellas Trail (via Starkey Blvd. and Starkey Gap Trails).

View trail, map and 10+ photos

Suncoast Trail Suncoast Trail - This 41-mile trail parallels the Suncoast Parkway in Hillsborough, Pasco and Hernando Counties. Links to Starkey Wilderness Trail (as part of the Florida Coast-to-Coast Trail) and Upper Tampa Bay Trail.

View trail, map and 70+ photos

Tri-County Trail, Pinellas County, Coast to Coast Trail Tampa Riverwalk - 2.6 miles path along the Hillsborough River, passing museums, restaurants, historical sites, sports facilities and more. More biking via connecting trails and protected bike lanes.

View trail, map, and 45+ photos

Town and Country Trail, Florida Town-n-Country Greenway - Tampa suburbs. 2-mile neighborhood trail along a canal. Future links to Upper Tampa Bay Trail, Courtney Campbell Causeway Trail, City of Tampa.

View trail, map, and 20+ photos

Tri-County Trail, Pinellas County, Coast to Coast Trail Tri-County Trail - Part of the Florida Coast-To-Coast Trail - connects the Pinellas Trail at East Lake Road to the Starkey Gap Trail in Pasco County, 5 miles.

View trail, map, and 15+ photos

Upper Tampa Bay Trail, Florida Upper Tampa Bay Trail - Popular multi-use trail for bikers, runners, walkers, and skaters. There are two sections (8 miles and 4.5 miles), eventually they will be connected. At the north, links to the Suncoast Trail.

View trail, map, and 55+ photos

Venetian Waterway, Florida Venetian Waterway Park - This linear park runs on both sides of the Intracoastal Waterway at Venice from the link with the Legacy Trail, to Caspersen Beach on the west side and to Shamrock Park and Nature Center on the east, 9 miles total.

View trail, map, and 60+ photos

Withlacoochee State Trail Withlacoochee State Trail - a Top 10 Florida bike Trail. This 46-mile paved rail-trail goes through small towns, the Withlacoochee State Forest and other natural areas. A linear state park, the trail offers many recreational opportunities with parks, river, and lake views. Now connects to the Dunnellon Trail.

View trail, map, and 100+ photos


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